Mar 1, 2018 | Art, Nature, Photography

Winter in my little corner of France, near Paris, is generally wet, grey and desperately uninspiring.

It’s a time for photographing still life images inside and doing digital housekeeping, by which I mean trying to tidy the mess my photo files inevitably get into, as they are stocked on three different devices that rarely synchronise efficiently.

However, as you will have noticed, this year the month of February has been exceptionally cold and snowy, much to my personal delight, if not everyone else’s.

Having shown you last week some classic photos of the lovely countryside around my village, this week I present my Abstract Snowscapes.

To start with, some Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) in the forest.

The thing with ICM is that the file, when I open it on my computer in Lightroom, is entirely or almost white. It is by adjusting the contrast, blacks, whites and shadows that sometimes an amazing palette of colours appears ….. the blue and violet areas here are trees.

I can never be sure of what I have captured with my camera when I go out with the intention of creating abstract images. There are no guarantees and I have sometimes come home with nothing I would want to use on the memory card, but that is just part of the process of creating art and continuing to learn.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these calm contemplative images, as much as I have enjoyed creating them to share with you.


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