I welcome opportunities to work with clients to create original portraits or food photography and styling.


Together we create portraits that illustrate who you are, your private and/or professional persona.

What you do, what you enjoy, different aspects of your personality from street scenes to French chic or studio shooting.

I have lived in and around Paris for thirty three years and with me your portfolio will be fun, unusual and unique.

Just like the portfolio that I created with my friend and Paris adventure organiser, Robyn Webb and for the French thriller writer Stéphanie de Mecquenem.

Food Photography and Styling

I’m sure you were told as a child to stop playing with your food.

Well, I love to play and style food, as you can see from the great photo shoot I created for my friend and chef extraordinaire Carmen and her company My Cooking World.

You can see more images from our seasonal food photo shoots on my blog.

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