Is Walking A Miracle Drug?

Sep 16, 2020 | France, Nature, Photography

I love to walk. It’s an essential part of my routine, both my morning walk and my afternoon walk. In the morning I’m energised by the exercise and I think about the day ahead, and in the afternoon it’s a welcome break from the computer screen and chair.

This excerpt from The Self Reliant Entrepreneur by John Jantsch, sums up what walking is for me:

Homo sapiens are the only species on earth that gets up on two legs and walks for long distances.

Walking is medicine. Not just to fight the ravages of the modern sitting life, but for thinking, innovating, discussing, studying, rehearsing, reviewing, writing, examining, relaxing, and reconnecting with yourself and others. The physical act is partly to credit for the restorative powers of walking, but join it with the outdoors element and the ease that contemplative sauntering implies, and what you get borders on a miracle drug.

It’s very easy to go for regular walks when you have a dog or dogs. We have had dogs now for 25 years, although at first with young children and a part-time job, I didn’t take regular walks. Below is a photo of our very first rescue dog, Lucky, with our youngest daughter.

Then came Melody, another rescue dog that we adopted as a three month old puppy. Known in the family as “the best dog in the world” and she was indeed the canine love of my life.

We have lived in a small village west of Paris for 14 years now and ever since we moved here, I have gone for a walk two times a day in the surrounding farmland with my dog or dogs, as we do not have a proper garden, just a small, but delightful, courtyard.

These days, I am accompanied by the lovely and naughty Tess on my walks. Below as a three month old puppy ….

And here, recently early on a hot day, with her best friend and our “grand dog”, Aluna, a rescue dog from Roumania.

The lovely people who follow my personal Facebook page see, every morning, a photograph that I take with my telephone on my morning walk. It’s quite a challenge to find something of interest to photograph every day and it keeps me on my toes and my photographer’s eye alert. My daily life seems very ordinary and quiet to me, but many of my readers have said that they enjoy the daily ritual of my visual journal.

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is this barn and a few friends have asked me for prints. However, my phone photos do not have enough pixels for good quality printed photographs, so recently I searched through my archives of Nikon photos and also took some new ones. I have chosen six and they are now available in my Red Bubble shop, as affordable prints and cards.

Having a dog hassling you to go out, makes daily walking inevitable, if not easy. If you have trouble getting motivated to go out, you might like to read an article I wrote when we were in lockdown, which will give you some ideas for themed walks: Feeling Blue?

I rarely come home empty handed. One day this week this is what was in my pockets …. wild walnuts, a pretty feather, a scrap of blue china and a couple of dandelions. I think my joy in bringing these finds home harks back to my interest in our Primary school Nature Table.

I’m sure my (French) husband thinks it’s a very strange English habit :), but he’s stopped asking me what I’m going to do with my finds, as the answer is generally that I’m going to photograph or draw them.

Below is a video I made this week of the barn part of my walk …..

Even I am surprised by the variety of images that I have been able to create with the changing colours of the fields, throughout the seasons, and the variety of light depending on the time of day and the weather.

In my Red Bubble Shop, you will find The French Barn in the Spring ….

The French Barn, recently, early Autumn at sunrise ….

And there are four other images in the shop of The French Barn, in different seasons.

In the shop click on the image you are interested in to see the different products.

To see the six images click on this link The French Barn.

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I hope you enjoy The French Barn prints and cards.

Red Bubble Shop.

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  1. June

    Have just returned from a walk in the country, my therapy for today. Sunny and windy with the tree tops swaying and the birds enjoying the thermals. Once again thank you for an interesting article.

  2. Samantha

    Following in your footsteps… 😊❤️


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