Feb 9, 2018 | Creativity, Nature

The BIG news here in the Paris area this week is that it has snowed and not just a little.

On Tuesday we had 19 cm on the garden table in our courtyard. This much snow is quite rare here, we haven’t had ‘proper’ snow since 2013 and not so machine centimetres, in the last thirty years.

I’ve been longing to take snow photos here in the French countryside, since my Chéri gave me my Nikon DSLR three years ago.

And this week it finally happened!

I’m not a very crafty or handy person, being somewhat impatient and also extremely clumsy, but nevertheless, I do enjoy craft blogs.

One of my favourites is Gina’s Willowday and throughout December, she and other creatives, posted a craft decoration project everyday.

One which took my fancy were the ice lanterns.

The first batch I made, I forgot in the freezer overnight, so they froze into solid balls!

Today, spurred on by the lovely snow scenes, I tried again and froze them for about four hours.

And here’s the result on our picturesque snow covered garden table.


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