When I was a teenager, I secretly wanted to be an artist, like my mother, who went to art school in her forties.

But I was not ready then, I did not have her artistic flair, so I studied languages and art history instead.

My life long interest in art, both classic and modern, greatly influences my photographic work and last summer we visited northern Italy, where many of the paintings we saw inspired this Chiaroscuro collection.

A year ago, I went to Cornwall for the first time and visited several of the county’s fabulous gardens. The gardens and trees are over a hundred years old and the camellias were in full bloom.

The flowers’ jewel colours and dark shining leaves were an inspiration, so reminiscent of classic chiaroscuro paintings that I’ve admired in museums.

Spring Beauties

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them to share with you.

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