Spring Ice Flowers.

May 1, 2020 | France, Nature, Photography

I first had the idea of making an Ice Medallion after reading a post on the Willowday blog.

This great craft and family blog is written by Gina, who lives in Sweden, as she says:

 … between the sea and the city, with my eclectic Swedish-American-French family of thinkers, makers & movers who inspire me daily.

Her blog is full of ideas for simple and seasonal craft projects to make for both adults and children.

I made this ice medallion with mistletoe and the resulting greetings card was very popular last year in my Red Bubble shop.

Here in France, we are currently confined to our homes, except for essential workers, and most of the shops are closed. So that means no photo outings, no fresh flowers, but also no distractions, a part from social media and televisions series, of course.

And eating …… :).

So, at the beginning of the lockdown, some seven weeks ago now, I looked around, metaphorically speaking, for a photo project idea.

I do take photos everyday while I walk my dog Tess in the countryside around our village, mainly with my phone. I share #mymorningwalk photos on my personal FB wall, if you’re interested. This visual journaling helps to keep me in the moment, paying attention to my surroundings, enjoying the changing seasons.

Despite the great benefits of being mindful however, as a photography practice, my morning walk is not very challenging. While I was considering what to do while in lock down, it occurred to me that although freezing plants in ice is a delightful way to decorate outside, if your winters are cold enough, there was no reason not to do it at other times of the year, as an ephemeral photographic experiment.

So that is one of the ideas that I’ve been pursuing during these very strange times.

I use this plastic tub, known in France by the name un tupperware, which has become a generic name for any plastic container.

I gathered some Spring flowers and blossom on my walks, filled the tub with water, plopped them in and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Then I photographed the medallions (for want of a better word, suggestions welcome) with my garden buddha, on plates, on the small table, with a white card background.

Tess, who is curious about everything I do, got into a few of the shots.

I’ve chosen  some of these shots for my Red Bubble shop Spring collection. The images are available as cards, framed photos and a small selection of other gifts, prices ranging from 2 to 70€.

These are the thirteen images that I have chosen for my shop  ……

I know that there are a multitude of businesses, big and small, asking you to buy things from them. And I also know that many people are struggling financially at the moment.

My main reason for sharing my images with you is to share my passion for photography, art and the natural world. But, I do also want to build a viable business with your help.

Just know that if you buy a card, a small print or a gift for someone from my Red Bubble shop OR the Shop on this site, OR if you just share my site with other people who will enjoy it …..

I’ll be doing a happy dance and I’ll feel that all these years of learning and hard work were not in vain and that my images can contribute to making someone’s day better.


Thank you for visiting.

Staye Safe, Stay Sane,




  1. June

    Beautiful and imaginative images, I will visit Redbubble and your shop for cards and maybe a print. They will lighten the day.

    • Henrie Richer

      Thank you June Xxx

  2. Rosa

    What a great idea Henri! Your images are beautiful. 🙂

    • Henrie Richer

      Thank you Rosa 🙂 xx.


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