The Invisible Enemy – SARS CoV 2.

Aug 22, 2020 | Creativity, France, Photography

How did you cope with lockdown?

Or perhaps you are still self isolating.

For me with my quiet life in the countryside things didn’t change very much, except that I had the company of my husband who was working from home.

After an initial period of quiet shock and anxiety, I had a little more time to think and create.

*Instead of worrying about what I can not control, I shift my energy to what I can create.

This is good advice for difficult times and indeed during lockdown, there was a renewed interest in cooking, gardening and many other creative and manual activities.

A fun and interesting trend on social media during lockdown was the challenge to take self-portraits that imitated famous paintings. I go to a painting class once a week, and these classes fortunately continued via Zoom. My fellow artists and I decided to do our own famous painting self-portraits and this is the fun result, a video of the images that I created using the Videoleap application:

I also saw that The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards were running a Lockdown photo competition.

The images had to be taken at home or nearby if you were allowed to go to work or take a walk, and dated between January 23, 2020 (when the lockdown started in China), and the submission date in May. The photos in the documentary category had to reflect the times we’re living.

So, I created this series during the lockdown period in France (16/03 to 11/05) at home. It is inspired by anxiety and hypervigilance in the face of contamination, which has become our new normal, for the moment.

I wanted to make this invisible enemy visible by representing the virus with paint, then illustrate how a simple sneeze can transmit a deadly disease.

Before this health crisis, I did not know that we touched our faces several hundred times a day. I did not know that under normal circumstances the introduction of germs from our hands into our body is a type of self-inoculation, which strengthens our immune system throughout our life.

However, viruses are remarkably effective little killers, and COVID 19 is a new virus, to which we have no natural immunity.

We can get COVID 19 when respiratory droplets are projected when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, and they land in the mouths, nose or eyes of people nearby. We can also get it by touching a surface or object infected with the virus, then touching our mouth, nose or possibly eyes.

The French President, Emanuel Macron, said: “We are at war” against the virus, but the enemy is invisible.

This is very interesting article about our reaction to this health crisis and how to deal with it. It is an interview with David Kessler an expert on grief.

*The Discomfort You Are Feeling Is Grief by Scott Berinato.



In my next post, on a far more cheerful topic, I will share with you our visit to Claude Monet’s house and garden in Giverny.

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  1. Judy

    Brilliant Henri. J’adore

  2. June

    Thank you once again for an interesting post, the photos emphasise the text and visually shock. What will you do next?


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