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I’m a British photographer and artist, living in the Paris area, in France. My work is inspired by art, classical and contemporary, by the countryside that surrounds my home and by travel. I look forward to getting to know you.


Latest Blog posts

O Hanami – Flower Watching.

It's been rather wet and chilly, in my corner of France, near Paris, these last two weeks. While the vegetation and crops are soaking up the badly needed rain, it has also meant that the beautiful Spring blossom has disappeared. It has been battered to the ground by...


Happy New Year and Bonne Année, mes amis. January, Janvier, comes from the Latin Janaurius, the Roman god Janus, who was the God of doors, but also appropriately for this time of year, God of beginnings and endings. I've never been an enthusiastic resolution maker. I...


I have the good fortune to live near two pick your own farms that grow vegetables, fruit and more importantly for me... flowers. The Ferme de Gally opened in April and the first flowers to bloom are the tulips. I love tulips, their varied and colourful flowers that...

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