Outdoor portrait of Henrie Richer with camera and flowers

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I’m a British photographer and artist, living in the Paris area, in France. My work is inspired by art, classical and contemporary, by the countryside that surrounds my home and by travel. I look forward to getting to know you.


5th fine art photography awards
1st fine art photography awards
honorable mention IPA 2018

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Building a Wooden House on Wood Street.

Building a Wooden House on Wood Street.

Everything we do and achieve starts with a thought and I have, for many years, wanted to live in a wood(en) house. This thought, became a plan about a year and a half ago and it will become a reality this Autumn as we are having a wood house built that we designed with an architect, to fit our needs and follies.



Early Dreams. When I was a teenager, I secretly wanted to be an artist, like my mother, who went to art school in her forties. But I was not ready then, I did not have her artistic flair, so I studied languages and art history instead. My life long interest in art,...

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