My mother is an artist who went back to school and got her Fine Art degree in her 40s. I wanted to be just like her but, as a teenager I failed the entrance exam to art school and did not touch paint, pencil or brushes again for a good thirty years.

I studied for a BA in Art History, French and Italian instead, being also in love with language, and after graduating, I promptly moved to France to marry my Chéri.

I have been surrounded by art my whole life.

that itch to paint never really went away.


About ten years ago, when our eldest daughter left home, I started taking photography, life drawing and painting lessons and now I am ready to call myself an Artist.

We live a quiet life in the countryside, in a little village west of Paris, with our cat and dog.

The purpose of my site is to share my love of art, to share my art and to show that there can be many different lives in a woman’s life. It is never too late to pursue your dreams.

I came back to art later in life, after working in English language training, translation and journalism. 

Let’s Rise Together.

borrowed from Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel:
"In order to create great things, you must first dream".

my mantra:

Lovers of Nature, Art and Simple Wonders.

my people are:

"Let me keep company always with those who say,
'Look!' and laugh in astonishment".
Mary Oliver (Poet and Teacher).

favourite quote:

I was born, three months premature, in Kent, south east England.
I really wanted to live ...

where it began:

from my very own story reel

Paris, France.

my adopted city and country:

my French Chéri, whom I met when I was seventeen

who stole my heart:

Our FOUR year old Altdeutscher Schäferhund, Tess.

my pets:

And the latest addition to our home, ONE YEAR old Charlie.

Our SIX year old alley cat, Oliver.

ready to enter my universe?

From inspiration, painting stages, french art and culture to empowering emotions...