About me

Outdoor portrait of Henrie Richer with camera and flowers

Henrie Richer

Artist & Photographer

I spent my childhood in the Kent countryside, in the south east of England.
My great desire as a child was to be an artist, a painter like my mother, who brought her artist’s aesthetic to every aspect of our lives. 
But I thought I had little talent for art, so I studied for a BA in French and Italian and after graduating, promptly moved to France to marry my very own Frenchman.
I have come back to art later in life, after working in English language training, translation and journalism. We live in the countryside near Paris, in a little village, with our two cats and dog, who fill the space left by our grown up daughters. 
I am a contemplative artist, in that I endeavour to capture the emotion that a scene, object or person, evokes for me and not the reality.

Artist Statement

I am not interested in illustrating my time.

I see no point in adding to the plethora of largely negative images of our time’s tragedies. My relationship with photography, with the light, is the same as that of a painter with her paints and canvas.
My work in photography and painting, is inspired by the great artists of the past and present, by the soft colours of Impressionism, the vibrant tones of Fauvism or the Colour Field painters Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still, and more recently the blurred paintings of Gerhard Richter and Uta Barth’s photographs.
I search for naturally occurring colour and create a blurred image with my camera, using different techniques, devoid of reference, free from any direct associations. Through the editing process I can add or remove colour, tones, highlights or lowlights, just as I add or scrape away paint on a canvas.
By making images that do not conform to our existing vocabulary of the photographic medium, I want viewers to reexamine their expectations of what a photograph can be. My art is a contemplative experience. I want the viewer to pause and question, instead of simply recognising the content of an image.

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