So much has happened in my life since this moment. I didn’t know then that there is more than one life in a Life. A university friend recently found this photo of me modelling for a student fashion show in the 80s, sponsored by Benetton, many moons ago. It was both my first and last […]

More Than One Life In A Life.


While my Chéri was on holiday at home, we went to visit the house of the famous Impressionist artist Claude Monet in the nearby village of Giverny. We live a short one hour drive from the village and it was my third visit, but surprisingly my husband had never been there. These days you have […]

Claude Monet’s House In Giverny.


(All of the photos in this article were taken with my iPhone 6, so the quality is not great, unless otherwise stated). This Summer of 2020, is bizarre and difficult for many people whose businesses are suffering through the current health crisis. Hopefully, it will be a unique summer and not become a long term […]

William Turner In Paris.


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