The Making Of Venus. In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, the lockdowns gave me time to paint a large canvas tribute to the two paintings:  Le Rêve by Henri Rousseau (The Dream) 1910, a post-impressionist Naïve artist, on show at the Musée d’Orsay, in Paris and  Nascita di Venere by Sandro Botticelli, (The Birth of Venus), c.1484–1486, at the Galleria degli Uffizi. After the […]

Large Canvas – Venus II & Venus III.


The Sculptor Charles Ray . “My sculptures don’t represent anybody or anything. They’re not depictions.” Charles Ray. Do you have an exhibition buddy ? I am fortunate in that I have several, one of them being my husband. He trained as an engineer and is rather Cartesian, that is to say that he leans towards what […]

Sculptor Charles Ray in Paris.


Creating Cyanotypes With A Kit. What Is A Cyanotype? The cyanotype (from Ancient Greek κυάνεος – kuáneos, “dark blue” + τύπος – túpos, “mark, impression, type”) is a slow-reacting, economical photographic printing process, using chemicals that are sensitive to a limited near ultraviolet and blue light spectrum. It produces a cyan-blue print used for art as monochrome imagery applicable […]

Cyanotypes – For The Love Of Blue.


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