“Mes yeux sont faits pour effacer ce qui est laid.” « My eyes were made to erase all that is ugly » Raoul Dufy   From Normandy to Montmartre, Paris. I am a big fan of Dufy and as soon as the museums in Paris reopened, I went with a friend to see the exhibition of his […]

Raoul Dufy At The Montmartre Museum.


Winter Hibernation – Looking Back To Look Forward. “Adopt the pace of Nature: her secret is patience.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.   The passing of the shortest day on December 21st (in the northern hemisphere) and the arrival of a new calendar year, symbolically brings hope of better days, especially if you have had an ugly […]

January and February – Let’s Hibernate.

a quiet life

So much has happened in my life since this moment. I didn’t know then that there is more than one life in a Life. A university friend recently found this photo of me modelling for a student fashion show in the 80s, sponsored by Benetton, many moons ago. It was both my first and last […]

More Than One Life In A Life.


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