Becoming a painter. Becoming a painter and finding your voice is no mean feat and takes years of experimenting, practice and training. I have been passionate about art since a very young age and I applied to do a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the age of seventeen, but I did not get a place […]

Becoming A Painter and Finding Your Voice.


In Marie Antoinette’s Garden. After two years of pandemic lockdowns, the Palace of Versailles reopened last summer with the exhibition of the Lalanne’s fantasy animals in the Trianon gardens. From June to November, 2021, about fifty of the sculptors’ poetic fantasy animals took the air at Marie Antoinette’s hamlet, the rural idyl that embodied the […]

Les Lalanne – Fantasy Animals In Versailles.


Women Street Artists Celebrate International Women’s Rights Day and Month. A Local Artist and A Favourite Place. In 2020, despite restrictions, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Parisian street artist CaroleB at the Atelier Piece Unique, near my home in the outskirts of Paris. The Atelier is the brainwave of Cécile Coutant, […]

Women Street Artists In Paris.


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